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The Santa Claus Book (Hardback)
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The Santa Claus Book (Hardback)

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After centuries of closely guarding ancient secrets, Santa Claus has decidd that the time has come to share the magical mysteries behind Chriristmas.  All of the miraculous happenings that contribute towards making the most remarkable time of the year are finally to be revealed to the world.

Who is Santa Caus and how did he first get his job?  What does he really look like? Who are the Elves and what magic do they possess? How do they keep track of which children are naughty and which are nice? How does santa get inside our house each Christmas Eve and how can he fly around the entire planet in just one night?

In this beautifully illustrated book, these and many more questions are answered by Santa Claus himself, as he finally decides to unlock the startling truth behind one of the worls most marvelous mysteries......Christmas.